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Charles Martin Photography

Headshots for Actors, Models, Pageants, Professionals, etc. start at $350.  Includes a finished, retouched image.

Model composite work pricing is based on a consultation where actual work involved is discussed.  Typically, one composite look starts at $350 with the rate per shot coming down to about $115 for a 5th shot when several shots or looks are done.

 I do periodically offer special rates.  Check with me as to promotional specials and possible discounts.

Pictures may be done in the studio or on location and may be done on more than one day.  The models objective and the layout and style of the picture is discussed prior to shooting.  Actual pricing is based on specific work to be done.  Pricing for specialty shots such as fashion to a layout, bridal, glamour, art, etc. are based on a quote for a specific shoot.

Agreement on rates, budget and payment are always agreed upon before the shoot.

Phone 703-472-4400



Image Retouching

Standard Image Retouching $25.  Includes stray hair, flesh tone and other cosmetic related items.

Advanced Image Manipulation -  Moving subject to a different back ground, etc. are done by specific quote.

You do receive a CD of all of the images of the shoot.  You are welcome to use the images directly from the CD if you want.

Finished/Retouched images are usually Emailed.  CDs of finished images are done at $10 if requested.

Quotes for prints are given on request.  The price takes into account the size of print and quantities, etc.


Special offer:

Pageant Photo Package includes CD of all photos taken during the pageant day, a group photo 8x10 print and a selection of photos for each contestant printed on an 8x10.